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Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleansing

Updated: May 10

Ayurveda teaches us to live in Harmony with nature. All the seasons have its own impact on our body’s overall equilibrium termed as Ritucharaya. By adapting the diet and lifestyle according to the season gives you a healthy balance. Autumn and Spring are the best time for seasonal cleansing. It’s like a reset and cleanse your body, mind and digestion.

Spring cleanse is the done during the transition from Winter to Spring. There is dominance of earth and water elements in it. This means gradually there is melt down of accumulated Kapha Dosha( with excessive qualities like heavy, cold, moist, sweet, slow) which has the tendency for respiratory disorders like colds, runny nose, allergies, hay fever, tiredness, sluggish.

Autumn/Fall season is great time to transform the energy of summer into something that will fuel you and keep you going through the winter. Autumn has similar qualities as that of Vata Dosha ( dry, windy, rough, cold). Hence we need to balance the Vata Dosha.

Benefits of Ayurvedic cleansing :

Helps your body to eliminate the accumulated toxins, boosts your immunity, feel energised, improves your digestion, good for skin health, helps for good quality sleep, nourishes sense organs and preventing seasonal infections.

(AMA - toxins/ undigested food builds up in the channels of digestive track blocking you from absorbing nutrition. It is caused by weak digestive fire/ Agni)

Tips for seasonal cleansing

  • Favour seasonal fruitts and vegetables.

  • Eating warm lighter meals( mung beans, rice, quinoa, amaranth, barley)

  • Avoiding biscuits, crackers, cake, raw & cold food, refined sugar and processed foods.

  • Following mindful eating, gandusha(oil pulling) Nasya(nasal drops), abhyanga(warm oil massage).

  • The perfect time to do the spring cleansing (March ) and Autumn (September)

  • Good exercise(at least 30 minutes like walking, running, hiking, zumba etc)

  • Good sleep(Ideal time is waking up before 6am and sleeping by 10pm)

  • Digital detox( especially as soon as you wake up unless emergency, one hour before sleep and while having your meals).

  • Emotional detox (few minutes of Breathing meditation).

  • Sun salutations.

So let's plan a weekend ? How about self care ?

If interested in a gentle cleansing, improving your digestion and want to rest and reset your body, mind and digestion from the comfort zone of your own home, please email

Includes: Questionnaire about your current diet and lifestyle, in order to tailor make a detox plan. Shopping list of grocery, herbal medicine and herbal tea with full instructions and recipes for the cleanse. Zoom calls, with full support and help for 3 days of cleanse, which will be scheduled over the weekend. Available for one to one or community cleanse on a private group.

Note : Not suitable for pregnant or when breastfeeding.

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