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Practicing Ancient Ayurveda in today’s World


I am Dr Shweta. Donurmath, born and raised in South India, Karnataka. I studied Ayurvedic Medicine, BAMS for 5 and1/2 years and graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University in Karnataka. Moved to London in 2010 right after graduation. Then I completed Diploma in Clinical Nutrition from Stonebridge University UK. I started working in Ayurveda Pura, London as an Ayurvedic Consultant and proudly associated with them for 10 years. I have given several talks on Health and well-being with Ayurveda, have been doing workshops, teaching and also been an examiner for Ayurvedic students. Now practising consultations at my clinic in London. It's been an amazing Ayurvedic and Nutritional journey to see how they can positively impact one's overall health. Grateful to be able to practice the ancient Ayurveda in today’s World for over 14 years.

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