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Keys to plan a Healthy New Year Resolution

There is a wonderful feeling of renewal at the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

Remember it is never too late for renewal and revolution in your life.

With every new year comes a clean slate — so what will you do with this fresh start?

Even if it’s a change of a day in our calendars why not use this New year as a day to make healthy resolutions.

When you are set on a goal, we know that sticking to your New Year's healthy resolutions isn't easy.

The key to long-lasting change is to start small, taking one step at a time, keeping it simple and don't be overwhelmed, be consistent and make self care a priority.

With the proper intention, attention and focus, anything is possible!

Let these words of wisdom, grace, positivity, and motivation inspire you to have your best year yet. Their words will undoubtedly help you get in the right frame of mind.

Try to follow one at a time the self care list below 👇

Each one of us has different mindset's, so need to be planned accordingly.

Ayurveda sees every individual as unique, here is how each personality reacts when it comes to setting up the goals :

Which one are you?

When in well balanced state -

Vata are creative minds.

Pitta are intelligent minds.

Kapha are wise mind.

When in imbalanced state -

Vata can be easily anxious.

Pitta can be easily angry.

Kapha can be easily depressed.

✅Discover your body constitution.

✅Learn how to balance your Doshas.

✅Achieve your health goals.

If you are in need of help during your process, it may be beneficial to get an Ayurvedic Consultation to discover your specific dietary and lifestyle needs if they seem unclear.

Email us to book a consultation.

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