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Summer - Pitta season

Summer is Pitta season, accordingly to Ayurveda, since it has the similar qualities like hot, sharp, penetrating, oily.

The key to balance the pitta in summer is to eat naturally cool foods and stay calm.

This is the best time of year to enjoy the following foods✅⤵️

☀️Favour sweet, bitter, astringent tastes.

☀️Fresh fruits like cucumber, avocado, watermelon, berries and coconut water.

☀️Salads & green leafy vegetables(Garnish salads & other dishes with cooling cilantro, lime, mint, coriander, parsley, and sprouts)

☀️Grains - Basmati rice, barley, quinoa.

☀️It is also a great time to indulge in dairy products like fresh yogurt, milk, ghee (clarified butter) and buttermilk.

☀️Avoid overly salty, oily, fried, and spicy foods, including onions, garlic.

☀️Avoid exercising between 10 am and 2 pm when the heat is most intense and during Pitta hours.

☀️Mild and cooling form of exercising such as swimming, Yoga, meditation(Sheetali pranayama), and walking (especially evenings) are the best form of exercising.

☀️ Apply coconut oil to for a head and feet massages.

☀️Enjoy the British summer🙌☀️

Book your consultations for a personalised diet and lifestyle plan ✅

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