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IBS treatment : I have tried everything possible, but with Dr Shweta’s professional advise on Ayurvedic medicine, diet and nutrition, I feel so much better with all my symptoms gone. I had recommended Dr Shweta to my family and friends, they too have benefited with her Knowledge. 


Gestational diabetes : I was feeling anxious during pregnancy after consulting Dr Shweta's Consultation, I was able to control diabetes naturally and give birth to a healthy child. She is highly professional and yet friendly. Just want to say thank you for everything.


Arthritis: I had really painful knees, wasn't able to walk at all, after the consultation, I followed all the advise for a month and now its all so better and my varicose veins is also all cured . Dr Shweta seems to understand "where" I am and advise me how to bring me back to balance and feel better again. Thank you.


Detox: After following a 3 day detox plan with Dr Shweta. I felt very healthy, light and back to my energy levels. Involved simple delicious recipes, lifestyle, herbs and meditation techniques. It was an amazing experience. 


Sleep disorders: I was suffering with chronic Insomnia, after my online consultation with Dr Shweta I was able to sleep so much better with few adaptations in my routine, food along with supporting herbs. I appreciate all your efforts and professional care.


Obesity: My journey of weight loss was surprisingly so easy and practical with a precise plan just right for my very busy routine. I am loving this new me, weight loss without any health loss. I felt so motivated and positive.

Thank you Doctor.


Women health: I was having irregular periods, acne etc for a long time. After taking herbs prescribed by her and following the advised food and lifestyle, my menstrual cycle and skin has come to normal. I highly recommend Dr Shweta. Thank you so much.


Skin health: I was suffering with really bad acne and sensitive skin, after consulting Dr Shweta, my skin is all clear. I wish i could have consulted you before trying all the products etc. Thank you so much.


Constipation: Thank you Dr Shweta, I had a chronic Constipation issue leading to many other health problems. I did follow the diet, lifestyle and took the medicines prescribed and now I am absolutely fine.


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